by Maggie Scout

Hope she’s ok. The woman in the corner I mean.

Sally said she always sits in the same seat; orders a cup Earl Grey tea. Nothing to eat, just Earl Grey. She can sit for hours. Quiet and invisible. Sometimes she reads or writes or just stares at the door as if she’s half expecting someone. Sad and far away.

I think she looks nice. When did she start coming here?

A few months ago now.

Does anyone know her name? Why doesn’t anyone know here name?

Don’t really know. No-one’s asked? Feel bad about that now. Thanks for that.

The next time I come here and she’s here I’m going to sit beside her, order a cup of tea and a scone, and introduce myself.

And start a conversation? Like Katsumoto?


Katsumoto, The Last Samurai.

I like him.  Much more than I like Tom Cruise. Did you know he’s had is teeth straightened and is divorcing Katie Holmes?  They looked alright to me.

Katsumoto? And are those two things connected? What looked alright – the teeth or the marriage? 

No, Tom Cruise. And, no they’re not connected. Well they could be I suppose … the teeth, the teeth looked alright.

Who played Katsumoto?

You mean that’s not his real name?

Oh dear God … please make it stop.